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NSG 4055 Week 5 Assignment 2 Nursing Care Plan New

NSG 4055 Week 5 Assignment 2 Nursing Care Plan New

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NSG 4055 Week 5 Assignment 2 Nursing Care Plan New


While treating the chronically ill, a major challenge is developing a plan of care that addresses the specific needs of a patient and caregiver. You need to be in close touch with the patients, their support group—family and peers, to come-up with an ideal plan.

In this project, you are going to develop a plan of care for a chronic illness group of your choice. While executing the tasks of this project, remember that while you need to give a general overview of the biomedical considerations of the case, the focus should always be on the psychosocial elements. Your perspective in this care plan should be the patient’s goals rather than that of the medical team.

This is a threaded project. Each week you will complete a part of this project. You have to submit a final completed project during Week 5. This final project will count for 40% of your grade, so be sure to take the time to carefully complete each of the weekly assignments and then put it all together in Week 5. Best of luck!

Ensure that you save a copy of this course project after you have submitted it at the end of this course. You are expected to resubmit this project along with the other course projects at the end of the RN to BSN program. FTP details will be provided in the Capstone course.

Part One: Identifying a Group

By Day 3, identify an area of chronic illness of specific interest to you. Explain your choice and your interest in it. Prepare a questionnaire, utilizing your knowledge of health and illness, with the aim of acquiring all information you need from patients to prepare a plan of care for the specific illness group.

Part Two: The Impact of Chronic Illness

By Day 5, identify two patients from the chosen illness group. Administer the questionnaire you created in Week 1 to them. Compile the data and analyze the responses to better illustrate where the patients, their families, and friends are in relation to accepting the diagnosis, coping skills, treatment, support, and so forth in relation to the health/illness definitions. Identify how this will direct care plan development for the chosen illness group.

Submit a report of your interviews with the questions you created, the responses you received, your analysis, and your interpretation of how it will affect planning care for the group in a 3–4 page Word document by Day 5 to the appropriate topic in this Discussion Area.

Part Three: Support Needs Analysis

By Day 5, using the impacts identified in Week 2, list in descending order the support needs of the patients and the support group of the chronic illness group. Give examples of appropriate interventions of the professional caregiver—the nurse, in such a situation. Also, mention the indicators that would cue the professional that assistance is needed in relation to accepting the diagnosis, coping skills, treatment, support, etc.

Submit your findings in a 1–2 page Word document to this Discussion Area.

Part Four: Locating Resources

By Day 5, locate a minimum of three community and/or national resources for your chosen illness group, preferably in your community. Study them. Write a report about them. Include in your response all the information you think the patient should know about them (the specific services they offer, fee schedules if and when appropriate, criteria for eligibility, and any other important information). Submit your responses in a tabular form.

By Day 5, submit a 2–4 page Word document on three community and/or national resources available in your locality for the specific illness group that you have identified to the appropriate Discussion Area.

Part Five: Creating a Plan of Care

By Day 5, utilizing the information you have gathered over the weeks regarding the specific illness group you identified, create a holistic patient-focused plan of care for your chronic illness group.

Use the South University care plan template to submit your responses in. In case you do not find it suitable, choose another care plan template. Explain why the chosen template meets your preference, the chosen illness, or the patient. Include a brief explanation about how one would know when the goal is achieved.

Part Six: Project Submission

By Day 1, compile all the information you have gathered from the patients over the weeks and put it together in a case file.

The case file should include the following parts:

· Name and details of illness (as gathered from patient details)

· Impact of the illness on patients and their support groups (family and peers)

· Support needs of patients and their families

· Community/national resources available for the patient/chronic illness group

· Holistic plan of care for the patients belonging to this illness group

· References

Submit your case file as a Word Document to this Discussion Area for peer review.

Review at least two of the postings submitted by your classmates and provide constructive suggestions to improve their case files.