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HWE 330 Week 3 Mid-Term Answers 2018 NEW

ASH HWE 330 Week 3 Mid-Term Answers 2018 NEW


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HWE 330 Week 3 Mid-Term Answers 2018 NEW

A normal width of walking base measured from the midpoint of each heel is

A strain is a partial or complete tearing of ligament fibers.
At which level of the spinal column is damage to the spinal cord no longer a concern?

Which muscle group slows down the knee motion in terminal swing and prevents the knee from “snapping” into extension just prior to initial contact?

The ability of a muscle to recoil or return to normal resting length after a stretching or shortening force is removed is called
A difficulty of slowness in initiating gait is characteristic of which of the following conditions?

The hip is an example of which type of joint?
The state of equilibrium demonstrated when an object’s COG is unchanged when it is disturbed is
In moving from anatomical position into fundamental position, the forearm moves into
All of the following muscles, when contracted unilaterally, will produce lateral bend of the spine EXCEPT the
The supporting ligament of the symphysis pubis that attaches to the pubic tubercles is the
The structure of the bone where growth occurs is the
The muscle that originates on the iliac crest and inserts on the 12th rib and transverse processes of T12 to L5 is the
In order to increase the challenge of a person working on a balance, you could do which of the following?

The latissimus dorsi, subscapularis, and anterior deltoid have which of the following shoulder motions in common?
Causes of poor posture can be which of the following?
Joints serve which of the following functions?

Most concentric exercises done in the body are considered to be which type of lever?
The sacrum, coccyx, and hip bones each consist of several bones fused together. In the hip bone, these fused bones are known as the ilium, patella, and pubis.

Which of the following is NOT true of a concentric contraction?
The muscle groups activated when you have a patient do a supine posterior pelvic tilt are the
A common pathology of the CNS characterized by issues with production, absorption, or flow of cerebrospinal fluid is which of the following?
When you instruct a client in a “chin tuck” exercise, which of the following is occurring with the head muscles?
In anatomical position, the thumb is located where in relation to the fingers?
The reason that a large-handled object is easier to turn is that the mechanical advantage is larger.

What type of structure is located where tendons pass over a bone or joint and serves to decrease friction?
If you note a problem with gait that occurs when the non-weight bearing limb is directly under the body, you are speaking of which part of the swing phase?
The rectus abdominis muscle is an example of a bipennate muscle pattern.

A person with a lumbar disc problem is generally most comfortable in which of the following positions?
Which is the best instruction to most effectively stretch the left sternocleidomastoid muscle?

A person experiencing pain on the superior lateral aspect of the scapula may have pathology involving which of the following structures?
Which of the following statements is true of a ligament?
Osteomyelitis is a condition characterized by loss of normal bone density.

When the scapula moves into a protracted position, they move in what direction in relation to the spine?
Active insufficiency is the point at which a muscle cannot shorten any father.

The wrist is an example of which type of joint?
You can make a tighter fist with your wrist extended than with your wrist flexed because of
Which muscle originates from the spinous processes of T4 – T12 and inserts at the base of the scapular spine?

A bone marking that consists of a hole through which vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass is called a
In observing standing posture, you note a flattened longitudinal arch of the foot.

You would document this as which of the following?
The reason you have your client laterally rotate his/her shoulder when moving between 90 and 180 degrees of shoulder abduction is to prevent what structure from hitting the acromion process?
The ulna is where in relation to the humerus?
The term used to describe the activity that occurs between the time of heel strike of one extremity and the strike of that same extremity is
Sliding your foot under your chair to prepare to stand involves knee
Hip medial rotation occurs in which plane and around which axis?
Spina bifida, a congenital defect, can range from mild to severe.

Myelomeningocele, which is the most severe form of spina bifida, can cause nerve damage and severe disability.

Which muscle originates on the medial one-third of the clavicle and inserts on the lateral lip of the bicipital groove?
The majority of lower extremity functional activity occurs in a closed chain manner.

An increase in posterior tilt of the pelvis is associated with which of the following motions of the vertebral column?
Which muscle flexes the should through its entire range?