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ACC 2010 Week 2 Assignment 2 NEW

ACC 2010 Week 2 Assignment 2 NEW

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ACC 2010 Week 2 Assignment 2 NEW

Multiple Choice Questions:

In Chapter 2, backups are made to the following location:
The place specified for the USB drive.
X:\Exercise 1A.
None of the above.

Cash discounts from vendors in return for early payment of an invoice are called:
Sales discounts.
Returns and allowances.
Purchase discounts.
None of the above.

You can enter information within a lookup field by using one or more of the following keys:
Type the<+>symbol.
Double-click with the mouse.
a. or b.
Type the invoice number.
None of the above.

Why is it important that your coding system for vendors be consistent and logical?
All vendors and customers should be identified by 3 digits.
So that others working in your company can determine a vendor code from the company name.
All the vendors and customer numbers are already set up for Bellwether Garden Supply so you don’t have to worry about it.
All customers and vendors should be identified by the first eight letters of a company’s name.
None of the above

Why is purchase orders used?
To post accounting information.
To place an order with a customer.
To update the accounts payable subsidiary system.
To request items from a vendor.
None of the above.

It is important to use either upper or lowercase letters to identify a vendor because the program:
Is susceptible.
Doesn’t recognize numbers.
Doesn’t recognize symbols.
Is case sensitive.
None of the above.

Which window do you use to add a new vendor?
Maintain Vendors.
Purchases/Receive Inventory.
Menu bar.
Select a Report.
None of the above.

Going from the general ledger to the original entry window is called:
None of the above.
All of the above.

When you make an entry in the Purchases/Receive Inventory window for Armstrong’s Landscaping you are debiting and crediting which accounts:
a.Dr. Accounts Payable/Armstrong’s Landscaping
Cr. Cash in Checking
Cr. Purchase Discounts
Dr. Cash
Cr. Accounts Payable
Dr. Cash
Cr. Sales
Dr. Materials Cost
Cr. Accounts Payable/Armstrong’s Landscaping
None of the above

Which of the following Navigation Bar, Vendors & Purchases selections do you use to issue a return of merchandise to a vendor?
Vendors & Purchases Tasks; Purchases/Receive Inventory.
Credits & Returns; New Vendor Credit Memo.
Credit Memos.
None of the above.

True/Make True:

Accounts Payable is money you pay to customers.

Vendor default information needs to be set up to establish the criteria used when computing vendor discounts.

Each time you use the Write Checks window, you are journalizing in the Cash Disbursements Journal.

The purchase discount offered to Cynthia’s Service Merchandise from their vendors is 2% 10, Net 30 Days

Each time you use the Payments window, you are journalizing in the Purchases Journal.

The merchandise that Cynthia’s Service Merchandise buys from Ronald Becker Fabrics is classified as wall coverings.

The detailed types list includes chart of accounts numbers with five digits.

The Maintain Vendors window is used to enter information about vendors from whom you purchase merchandise.

All accounting software applications, regardless of the size of the company, are the same.

Each accounting software application (for example, Peachtree, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics GP) has a unique system design.

ACC 2010 Week 3 Assignment 2 NEW

ACC 2010 Week 3 Assignment 2 NEW

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ACC 2010 Week 3 Assignment 2 NEW

Short-Answer Questions:

What icon(s) can be used to display lookup lists?
Describe three ways to open a lookup list.
If you want to look at a customer’s account, what window do you open? Describe the selections.
What is the customer identification for Teesdale Real Estate?
What is the sales discount Teesdale Real Estate?
What is the default discount for customers?
Describe what happens when you use the Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger.
When you want to print an invoice in PCA, what are the steps?
How do you post a sales order to the controlling account in the general ledger and the customer subsidiary ledger?
If you receive payment from a customer, what window do you use?

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Cynthia’s Service Merchandise charges sales tax to all sales made in:
None of the above.

2. The money that your customers owe to the business is known as:
Accounts payable.
Accounts receivable.
Cash in bank.
None of the above.

3. The sales tax rate is:
None of the above.

4. Use the following Navigation Bar options to record entries in the Cash Receipts Journal:
Customers & Sales; Receive Money, Receive Money from Customer.
Customers & Sales; Customers, Receive Money, View and Edit Payment Received.
Vendor & Payments; Customers, Receive Money, Receive Money from Customer.
Tasks; Sales/Invoicing.
None of the above.

5. Use the following Navigation Bar options to record entries in the Sales Journal:
Maintain/Customers Prospects.
Customers & Sales; Customers, Set Up Customer Defaults.
Customers & Sales; Sales Invoices, New Sales Invoice.
Maintain; Default Information, Customers.
None of the above.

6. The owner(s) of Cynthia’s Service Merchandise are:
Eric Lerette.
Cynthia Barber.
both a. and b.
Joann Poe.
None of the above.

7. PCA’s accounts receivable system allows you to set up all of the following, EXCEPT:
Inventory Items.
Finance charges.
None of the above.

8. All journal entries made to the Sales Journal are posted to the General ledger and to the:
Accounts payable ledger.
Customer ledger.
Job cost ledger.
Payroll register.
None of the above.

9. The sales tax payable is:
Account No. 52000.
Account No. 53000.
Account No. 23100.
Account No. 12000.
None of the above.

10. The Customer ID for Aileen Parker is:
None of the above.

11. The Cash Account number is shown on which of the following windows:
Purchases/Receive Inventory.
General Journal Entry.
None of the above.

12. The account used for hardware sales:
Account No. 40000.
Account No. 40800.
Account No. 40200.
Account No. 40400.
None of the above.

13. A sales return is also called a/an:
Credit memo.
Debit memo.
None of the above.

14. To back up all of Chapter 13’s data, the following file name is used:
Chapter 13 Begin.
Chapter 13b.
Chapter 13.
None of the above.

15. The GL Sales Account wall is:
Account No. 44200.
Account No. 44300.
Account No. 44400.
Account No. 40200.
None of the above.

Exercise 7-1

Exercise 7-2

True/Make True Questions

Peachtree automatically calculates financial statements once journal entries have been journalized and posted.
In Chapter 7, you printed three financial statements.
The statement of cash flow is roughly the same thing as a balance sheet.
The balance sheet lists the revenues and expenses of the business.
The income statement is a summary of the revenue and expenses of a company for a period of time, such as an accounting period for a year.
The financial statements printed by Peachtree reflect month-to-date amounts only.
The financial statements are interrelated.
The term standard refers to financial statements that are designed by the company.
Bellwether Garden Supply showed a net loss for the current month, March 31, 2012.
The statement of changes in financial position derives its information from the income statement.

ACC 2010 Week 4 Assignment 2 NEW

ACC 2010 Week 4 Assignment 2 NEW

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ACC 2010 Week 4 Assignment 2 NEW

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. In Part 2 of the book, you complete monthly accounting for which type of business?
Corporate form of business.
Merchandising business.
Manufacturing business.
Service business.
None of the above.

2. Which type of accounting method does Mark Foltz Designer use?
Cash basis accounting.
Accrual accounting.
PCA does not require you to make a choice.
There is no difference between cash basis and accrual accounting.
None of the above.

3. Mark Foltz’s business type is a:
Sole proprietorship.
None of the above.

4. What chart of accounts did you select for Mr. Foltz’s chart of accounts?
Accounting firm.
Merchandising company.
Non-profit business.
Service Company.
None of the above.

5. Mr. Foltz uses which type of posting method?
Batch posting.
Real-time posting.
There is no need to post his books.
PCA does not require you to make a posting choice.
None of the above.

6. You can restore data by making which menu bar selection?
File; Restore.
Tasks; Backup.
Maintain; Restore.
Maintain; Backup.
None of the above.

7. The correct file name for backing up Mark Foltz Designer, the chart of accounts, and the October 1, 2012 beginning balances is:
Chapter 9 Chart of Accounts October.
Chapter 9 Beginning Balances.
None of the above.

8. Peachtree assigns the following shortened company name to Mark Foltz Designer:
\Sage Software.
None of the above

9. The account type of Account No. 3920, Mark Foltz, Capital (or your name, Capital) is:
\Equity-gets closed.
\Equity-doesn’t close.
\Current assets.
None of the above.

10. When saving an Excel 2007 or 2010 file, the file extension is:
None of the above.

Short-Answer Questions:

In Chapter 10, what source documents are used to complete M r. Foltz’s accounting? Include the month in your answer.

The file restored to begin Chapter 10 is _

To make sure you are starting in the appropriate place in the data, display this financial statement:

The Receipts window is also known as this journal _

The Write Checks window is also known as this journal _

When the Receipts window is used, what account is automatically debited? (Identify the account number and name.)

When the Write Checks window is used, what account is automatically credited? (Identify the account number and name.)

Explain Peachtree’s account reconciliation feature. Define bank reconciliation.

What does the term transaction register refer to?

The transaction register shows payments and deposits. What are two examples of payments, and what Peachtree window is used? What Peachtree window is used to record deposits?

True/Make True:

You can complete the activities in Chapter 11 without completing Chapters 9 and 10. (Yacht, 2011, p. 407)

Step 4 of PCA’s Computer Accounting Cycle is reconciling the bank statement.

To change an accounting period, use the menu. (Yacht, 2011, p. 410)

Mark Foltz’s transaction register and bank statement are used as source documents for recording journal entries.

The account reconciliation feature can reconcile the cash account only.

The accounting periods used in Chapter 11 are November 1 – 30 and December 1 – 31, 2012.

PCA includes an editing feature so that records can be corrected.

To close the fiscal year, use the System menus election, Year-End Wizard.

When the fiscal year is closed, an adjusted trial balance is displayed or printed.

The statement of retained earnings and the post closing trial balance show the same balance for retained earnings.