SRM 320 Week 4 Quiz

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1.         The physical education office in a school should be located:

Near health service and athletic training offices

Near the rear of the building

Near the gymnasium

A and C

B and C

 2.        A school employee would not usually be considered liable:

If he or she is in the same room when an injury occurs

If pupils have been told not to use dangerous equipment in the teacher’s absence

As a result of accidents occurring during sudden emergencies

If a pupil has waived his or her right to sue for damages

All of the above

3.         Surveys show that premiums for school insurance are paid by:


The school

The insurance company

All of the above

A and B

4.         The principal of governmental immunity:

Is derived from the doctrine that “the king can do no wrong”

Gives protection to the individual teacher

Has been waived by legislation in some states

All of the above

A and C

 5.        Lawsuits claiming a violation of a student’s or athlete’s civil rights might cite:

The First Amendment

The Fourth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment

Any of the above

None of the above

 6.        In recent years, the level of litigation in physical education and sport has:

Remained constant

Decreased due to increased health and safety emphasis

Fluctuated with insurance rates


Decreased as less physical education is taught in schools

 7.        A secretary’s duties should include:

Teaching classes

Preparing budgets

Picking up lunch for the faculty and staff

Greeting visitors

Assuming duties of chairperson when he/she is absent

 8.        A tort can be committed as a result of:

Acts of commission

Acts of liability

Acts of omission

All of the above

A and C

9.         The least valid of the criteria in selecting school accident insurance is:

Deductible clauses should be included

The policy should meet the needs of the individual school

Cost of the policy should be as reasonable as possible

Coverage should include all school activities

All pupils and teachers should be insured

10.      The office is relatively unimportant to physical educators because:

Most of their time is spent outdoors or in gymnasiums

The atmosphere in physical education departments tends to be less formal than in other departments

Physical educators have relatively few records to keep in comparison with other departments

 All of the above

None of the above

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