SRM 320 Week 3 Quiz

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SRM 320 quiz week 3

 1.        The “E” in PPBES stands for:






2.        Physical education and sport budgets typically include the item of:

Capital outlay

Expendable equipment

A maintenance and repair provision

All of the above

None of the above

 3.        Recommendations for selecting a suitable site for a school facility with adequate space include all the following except:

5 acres of land for an elementary school

20 acres of land for a senior high school

10 to 12 acres of land for junior high or middle school

a minimum of 20 square feet for every child

None of the above

 4.        If PPBES is used, which of the following statements is true?

Alternative plans can be analyzed

Instructional costs are difficult to identify

Public awareness is decreased

Costs and risks may be systematically compared

A and D

 5.        In working with an architect, physical educators should:

Submit ideas and plans for their special facilities in writing early in the planning stages

 Set up conferences with the architect to exchange views

Provide names of schools with superior facilities

All of the above

A and C

 6.        Zero-base budgeting requires:

Additional expenditures beyond last year’s budget to be justified

No additional expenditures

Athletics to be self-sustaining

Boards of Education to adjust for inflation

All expenditures to be justified

 7.        All of the following are steps in the budget preparation process except:






 8.        Educational specifications to the architect would not be likely to include-

Subject matter content for various courses

Storage requirements

Number and size of game courts

Preferred method of routing student traffic

Number and size of classes

9.         The most common per capita unit used by schools for cost analysis is:

Per pupil average daily attendance

Number of school-age children in the school district

Per pupil average daily membership

Attendance divided by pupils present

None of the above

 10.      All of the following are examples of capital outlay except:

Swimming pool

Weight room

Basketballs and volleyballs

Racquetball courts

All of the above (Chapter 10)

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