LIBERTY BUSI 642 Week 6 Quiz 3 () NEW

LIBERTY BUSI 642 Week 6 Quiz 3 () NEW

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Job-based pay policies work best in which of the following situations?
When conducting a job evaluation, it is most important to remind employees that:
Cornelia and Janice have similar jobs at different firms. Janice is compensated with higher pay and better benefits than Cornelia, which bothers Cornelia. Cornelia’s concern reflects the compensation issue of:
In building a job-based compensation plan, the job evaluation process is designed to assess the:
The first step in achieving pay equity for job-based compensation plans is conducting a job analysis.
Pay incentives make up the greatest percentage of total compensation for employees.
Job-based compensation plans place strong consideration on the nature of the business.
Some companies, in order to dodge costs related to the Fair Labor Standards Act, will claim more exempt employees than nonexempt employees.
Expectancy theory claims that:
Long-term incentive plans are linked very closely with executive performance.
Which of the following is an advantage of corporate wide pay-for-performance plans?
Which of the following is a disadvantage of plantwide incentive programs?
A survey of 1400 employers showed that ________ of them factor customer satisfaction into their calculation of incentive payments to employees.
When implementing pay-for-performance, it is best to provide a single type of incentive. This leads to less confusion and better results.
Individual-based pay-for-performance are most likely to:
If a firm frequently changes the basis of its pay-for-performance system, it will most likely:
Which country had the highest health-care costs per capita as of 2008?
Workers’ compensation:
Which of the following would most likely receive severance pay?
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act does which of the following?
Legally required benefits include only:
Workers’ compensation covers medical care and rehabilitation costs but not income replacement, since that falls under Social Security benefits.
To be eligible for unemployment insurance, employees must meet all of the following requirements EXCEPT:
The individual retirement account (IRA) is primarily appropriate for:
Danielle has recently taken FMLA leave from Vanderbilt, Inc. to take care of her ailing child. When she returns to her job, what responsibilities will the company have toward Danielle?

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