LIBERTY BUSI 642 Week 4 Quiz 2 NEW

LIBERTY BUSI 642 Week 4 Quiz 2 NEW

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Which recruitment source has been linked to the most loyal and satisfied hires?
Which of the following is an example of a work requirement question?
DF Enterprises often recruits former employees when positions become available. What is the most likely benefit of this strategy?
If a firm is concerned about changing EEO-related balances among its employee base, it should NOT use:
A study conducted by the U.S. Postal Service regarding drug testing:
Generally, the first alternative to layoffs that companies use to reduce their labor costs is to redesign existing jobs.
The time and cost of exit interviews are part of the ________ costs of an employee separation.
It is most likely true that early retirement programs:
As the head of the HR department for a large technology-production company, you have been notified that the company is preparing for a mass layoff. Which of the following should be your greatest priority in preparing for the layoff?
A company wants to know the rate at which employees voluntarily leave the firm. The company most likely needs to:
Which appraisal format has the greatest legal defensibility?
Bob wants to focus this year’s employee assessment interviews on discussing the traits each employee displays. You should most likely tell him that trait-based appraisal tools:
Which of the following is a comprehensive list of the functions in a performance appraisal?
A firm implementing a relative judgment performance appraisal system would most likely experience which of the following?
Which of the following is true about the influence of “liking” on performance appraisals?
A training manager is reviewing how well a training program met its objectives. This review represents the ________ phase of the training cycle.
Which of the following best explains why training has negative connotations to many workers?
Team training that focuses on how members function as a team are best known as:
In order to be successful, the goals of a training program should most likely be:
Creativity training:
Jermaine is a retail associate at a music warehouse. He has recently received a booklet from management that outlines the qualifications and experience he needs to have in order to advance within the company. It shows different alternatives and jobs that he could fill in the future depending on the areas in which he wishes to train and specialize. Jermaine is probably reading a:
Company-maintained records of employees’ abilities, skills, knowledge, and education are:
Unlike training, career development:
The “glass ceiling” is best defined as the:
A manager is meeting with her subordinate and discussing career development. Together they are clarifying the employee’s goals and his strengths and weaknesses as related to his job. This manager and employee are in the assessment stage of career development.

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