DBM 384 Week 5 Learning Team Specialized Database Executive Summary

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DBM 384 Week 5 Learning Team Specialized Database Executive Summary

The head of your organization recently read an article about how businesses can benefit from the use of a specialty database. Your boss has put together a team to study the benefits of a specialty database to your specific organization. He would like your team to do the following:

Finalize your 3- to 5-page executive summary, formatted as a memo, that addresses the following:

•    Compare databases covered in this course. What are their similarities and differences? What are their purposes?

•    What SQL concepts are relative to spatial and temporal databases?

•    How are each of the databases used in a business environment?

•    Describe the information retrieval process and how it relates to specialized databases.

•    Explain the differences between online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP).

•    Define knowledge management and explain how it could be used within your organization.


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